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The Druid Hills High School (DHHS) Soccer Booster Club’s mission is to provide support for soccer programming at both Druid Hills Middle and High Schools, and to generate the wholesome competitive spirit of sport in the community! By providing resources for necessary coaching staff, equipment, training tools, uniforms, and meals and snacks for our athletes after school hours, and prior to, during and after games, thework of the Druid Hills High School Soccer Booster Club benefits the Druid Hills High School Boys & Girls Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School Soccer Programs.  


Our community has youth from many countries and backgrounds; our school soccer program is an excellent reflection of this diversity, and the strength it brings to us all. The DHHS Soccer Booster Club brings together parents, teachers, teens, alumni, and local businesses to support the efforts of our players and coaches in their endeavor to achieve excellence, on and off the field.



DHHS Soccer Booster Club 202 1 Officers:


Maria Gutierrez Landis, President

Anne Dunlop, Treasurer

Jennifer Green, Secretary



Making A Difference

Pre Game Meals 

With this initiative, our goal is to promote healthy habits for developing athletes by providing meals and snacks when traveling for games. Learn more about how you can support  our team today.

Scholarships to Play

We strive to ensure every student who wants to play soccer at the middle school and high school level is able regardless of financial ability. The Booster Club supports fundraising efforts, donations, and volunteers to ensure we meet our annual goals to support various financial needs of the team including equipment, middle school referees, and end of the year awards.  


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